Coaches Spotlight: Meet Adriano

December 4, 2022

Meet Adriano!

What first inspired you to get into coaching?
I really enjoy helping others get better, at whatever it is they are passionate about. For my coaching, basketball is a way to connect with people and help them in that journey of becoming the best version of themselves.

What's one thing you do with your players at every practice?
Make sure they are getting out of their comfort zone. The way I coach and the drills I use changes depending on the level of the athlete, but something that's always important for me is making sure players are uncomfortable, trying new things, and not being afraid to mess up while doing it.

Favourite drill?
I do a 7 minute finishing drill that's pretty cool. Mainly to see the progress over time.

What's one thing you've learned from your players?
That everyone learns in different ways, and as coaches we must adapt to make sure athletes get what they need.

What do you want your players to remember the most from your training?
That it's ok to make mistakes, that it's ok to not be perfect, that it's ok to be absolutely awful at a new move because that's the first step to keep getting better.

Thank you, Adriano, for teaching and inspiring the next generation! Say hi to Adriano at Academy Basketball!

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