Coaches Spotlight: Meet Derick

November 5, 2022

Welcome to another Spotlight series! We hope to highlight some amazing coaches in our Union community who are passionate about the game and inspiring the next generation.

First up, meet Derick!

What first inspired you to get into coaching?

The first thing that inspired me to get into coaching was to give back to the game that’s provided me with so much love, therapy, and lessons for life. Initially, it was only a volunteer opportunity I thought I’d try out, but it became an opportunity for me to offer the knowledge and mentorship I was always seeking for as an adolescent to the next generation.

What's one thing you do with your players at every practice?

We always start and end sessions with high, positive energy; daps & claps - creates an encouraging environment for the athletes to work hard, knowing their teammates are there to support each other.

Favourite drill?

My favourite drills to run are any basketball-specific conditioning drills that challenge the athletes both physically and mentally - to be able to execute correctly when fatigued in practice pays off big time in real game situations where you’re consistently pushed to your limits.

What's one thing you learned from your players?

I’ve learned from my players (and past coaches) that energy is contagious, and when we’re able to display that energy for each other, it can help jumpstart a spark in any of us to get going.

What do you want your players to remember the most about your training?

That we can use basketball as a tool to help us in our lives off the court. All the lessons we learn on the hardwood (hard work, discipline, and persistence - to name a few) also translate to our everyday lives that we can take with us forever. Through our training sessions, each athlete is able to acquire timeless knowledge.

Thank you, Derick, for passing on these life lessons to your players! Say hi to Derick at Journey Basketball!

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