Coaches Spotlight: Meet Frankie

November 20, 2022

Meet Frankie!

What first inspired you to get into coaching?
My coach from high school had a profound impact in my life and the way I cherish the Game. Under his guidance, I was able to discover just how rewarding it is to empower others through their basketball journeys.

What's one thing you do with your players at every practice?
Teach them how to move on the court without the basketball. This creates both man and ball movement which greatly benefit the team.

Favourite drill?
Different variations of the Box drill, teaching players footwork and to score/create actions efficiently.

What's one thing you've learned from your players?
That everyone has LOVE for the game. It's my responsibility to provide a welcoming and empowering environment.

What do you want your players to remember the most from your training?
The way they balance sport and other priorities. How to manage their own calendars to fulfill their potential.

Thank you, Frankie, for creating a positive environment for youth! Say hi to Frankie at Empower Basketball!

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