Staff Spotlight: Meet Elijah

February 6, 2022

Welcome to our Staff Spotlight series! Our team works hard to make sure that Union is a warm and welcoming environment for each person that comes in. We are here to help you with whatever you need and to make sure that it is a great experience for you. This week, we are highlighting our full-time staffer Elijah! Be sure to say hello next time you see him! 

a head shot of our staff member Elijah!
Our full-time staffer Elijah!

Why do you love the game of basketball? 

Basketball has always been a part of my life since I was a child. I love this game mainly because of the friendships I've gained from playing the sport and the ability it has to connect us with different people. 

What has the best part about working at Union been? 

The best part about working at Union has to be my coworkers. I believe that in any workplace the people you work with can be the biggest determining factor of enjoyability. On top of being around basketball 24/7, being able to work alongside caring, friendly & like-minded people is truly a blessing. 

What do you hope people get out of their visit to Union? 

I hope that people can see Union as a place where they can enjoy the sport they love and develop long-lasting friendships with people who share the same passions. 

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