Staff Spotlight: Meet Peter

March 5, 2022

Peter is a friendly face at our gym who is always happy to chat and say hello! 

Our Staffer Peter!

Why do you love the game of basketball? 

Besides being a companion for me growing up, basketball has been a consistent place of community and constantly challenges me as I get older--especially as I learn to play and look at the game differently.

What has the best part about working at Union been? 

Being around like-minded folx and seeing so much interest in a game that I've played all my life reinforces just how much of a role sports can play for all ages. And of course, the community that organically forms around this game is second to none. It's a perfect union of sports and life!

What do you hope people get out of their visit to Union? 

That basketball is more than a sport! It's just as much about people and finding common ground.

BONUS: Playing history/accomplishments

Successfully came off the bench throughout my HS career as a (believe it or not--Centre), and gave my opponents a consistent impossible-to-block fadeaway at least once a game.

Everything you need to know in one 3 minute round-up.

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