Staff Spotlight: Meet Santi

March 1, 2022

Next up is Santi! You can catch him probably playing at an open gym or organized drop-in. Make sure to say hi to him next time you see him!

Our staffer Santi!

Why do you love the game of basketball? 

I love basketball because I grew up playing with my cousins and that's why I think we are very close. Without basketball I wouldn't have met my close friends who won't cry if I smoke them and that's love. 

What has the best part about working at Union been? 

The best part of working at Union is meeting people who are as much a basketball geek as myself. 

What do you hope people get out of their visit to Union? 

By coming to Union hopefully we establish a community where players build friendships that go beyond basketball. 

BONUS FACT: What is your basketball history/accomplishments?

  • 2013-2014 AAA City Champs & Lower Mainland Champs
  • 2014-2015 AAA City Champs & Lower Mainland Champs
  • AAA City 1st Team Allstar

Everything you need to know in one 3 minute round-up.

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