Staff Spotlight: Meet Tanya

February 13, 2022

This week's staff spotlight is our other full-timer Tanya. Be sure to say hello next time you see her! 

Our staff member Tanya!

Why do you love the game of basketball? 

I started playing basketball because my dad played and it was something that I knew brought him a lot of joy. I thought that basketball would be something that I would have a lot of fun doing too and I was right! I love the game of basketball because it brings people together: there’s a sense of camaraderie, shared purpose and a whole lot of fun. 

What has the best part about working at Union been? 

The best part is the people! There’s so many different people that come through our doors, it’s really cool to see that just one sport can bring together so many individuals from different walks of life. 

What do you hope people get out of their visit to Union? 

I hope that people walk away having had a good time playing basketball, getting some exercise, and making some connections with other people who love the game too! Basketball is something that everyone should have the chance to play, I hope Union is a place where people get to do just that!

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