Types of Basketball Rims: What's the Difference?

May 6, 2022

Whether you have been playing basketball for a long time or are just getting started, you have probably noticed that there are distinct rim types that are used for different basketball courts. Why are there differences and does it affect the way you play?

There are two main types of rims: single rim and double rim. Double rims look like two single rims stacked on top of each other and are thicker and taller than single rims. Typically, these are used in outdoor hoops, older indoor gymnasiums, and recently, in the NBA. At Union, we currently use single rims for all of our hoops. We love the way they look on our courts, and provide a “friendly” and “forgiving” rim for players. 

Double rims are thought to be more difficult to score on compared to single hoops. This is because they are typically made of thicker material and are much more firm compared to a typical single rim. Without as much give compared to a single rim, the basketball ricochets off the rim much more harshly than it would normally. For single rims, there is more give and thus, the force of the basketball is absorbed into the rim more so than in a double rim. For example, a shot that hits the front rim may bounce into the net on a single rim but would likely bounce out when shot on a double rim. That is why double rims are less “forgiving” - there is less room for a shot to be slightly off and still fall into the hoop. However, double rims tend to be more durable in rough conditions which is why they are an appropriate choice for outdoor courts that must withstand outdoor weather conditions and temperature changes. They also pose a larger challenge for players to score and are durable for types of play that are rougher to the rims (such as dunking). 

Double Rim Hoop

On the other hand, single rims are usually friendlier to players and are often more absorbent. It has more give and absorbs the kinetic energy of a shot, rather than bouncing the ball outwards. They are fun to play in and are most commonly found in indoor courts (like ours at Union)! Come join us soon for an indoor session soon and enjoy our high quality hoops! Register now

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