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June 3, 2022

What first comes to mind when you hear the word “union”?  The word is used in a few different contexts and if we were to ask a group of people that question, the responses would likely vary.  At Union Basketball, we take it to mean “a group of people united by a common interest or purpose”.  Basketball is definitely our common interest and on the surface you may see bright lights, high ceilings and shiny courts, but the heartbeat of Union is all about the connections.

Connected to the game

Union Basketball is the place to be whether you’re wanting to watch, play or even just talk about basketball.  No matter your skill level, you’ll be around like minded people if you’ve got a passion for the game.  You’ll often find players gathering in our lobby to watch the latest playoff matchup or discussing fantasy picks.  “Can you believe Boston came back in the fourth quarter?!”

Connected to other players

If you’re new to the city and looking to get plugged into the local hoop scene, we strive to provide opportunities for those connections to happen.  We dedicate a significant portion of our weekly schedule to open gym sessions so that if you want to play ball, there’s a place for you.  If you’ve got a group that has played together for years, keep it going with a weekly private rental time. 

Connected to the next generation

At Union Basketball, we are proud to invest in our youth by hosting various training programs.  While they may differ in style or skill focus, they all desire to empower youth to grow in confidence, leadership and teamwork.  Lifelong friendships are formed here and we love to see it.

Although there are many great reasons to come to Union like our professional level facilities, what sets us apart is our community.  Beginning with our staff team (the best out there!), we are passionate about basketball and we see the sport as a unique way to build relationships and connect with other players.

This is why we are excited to launch our open gym membership this month.  We love seeing your faces and hope you’ll grow in your game and in community.  Thank you for being part of Union!

Open gym membership

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