Union Year 1!

September 8, 2022

365 days

3 seasons of Union League

45 teams

162,738 shots put up on the shooting machine

6,661 unique players

What an amazing first year!  The numbers are significant but more importantly, we are proud of the community that has come together around a passion for the game and a desire to grow.

The past year has been a dream come true and we could not have imagined how this journey would take off.  More than a building, our dream has always been to build a community where players can belong, have fun and support each other.

Thank you to every person who has dropped by for an open gym or organized drop in session, competed in Union League, or come to a regular private rental with friends.  Thank you to the training programs and partnerships who make Union their home.  Thank you to our staff team who have stepped up and taken initiative to make Union the best it can be.  We are so grateful for the connections made and relationships built.

No matter your level of play, we hope you feel welcome at Union.  In honour of our one year anniversary and to move forward with our commitment to accessibility, we will be donating open gym fees this week (August 9-14) to Future Bounce Basketball, a local non-profit organization that is also passionate about removing barriers and making basketball accessible.

We are excited to see how we can continue to play a role in helping the Vancouver basketball community grow.

Thank you for cheering us on and supporting us.

This is just the beginning.

Nate and Ping

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