Why We Care About Community

February 2, 2022

From the very beginning, our vision of Union Basketball stretched far beyond just the sport of basketball. We are passionate about competition, enabling others to succeed, and fostering a community of players that build each other up. Simply put, we are striving to be Building Community, Inspiring Growth. We are taking some time this month to reflect on the ways in which we have been “building community” and how you can be a part of it! 

Why Community Matters 

If you have ever been part of a group and felt a sense of belonging, understanding, and trust, you know the role that community plays in your life. Many of us have found this through sport and for us at Union, through basketball. In basketball, you trust your teammates to have your back on the court - you make smart passes, cut hard, and make plays to win a game together. Teams with poor chemistry often do poorly in competition because working together matters in the game. Community matters because it helps us to better ourselves in our game and as individuals. We are brought together through our passion for basketball and everyone is welcome in this community. We are focused on growing the game and building the community of basketball in the Lower Mainland. We hope that we can continue to partner with existing programs to keep building this amazing community!

Community Through Partnerships

We believe that one of the best ways to build community is by partnering and empowering organizations that align with our values and mission. Since opening our facility, we have seen FutureBounce Basketball, Journey Basketball, School of Handles and Squad Basketball come through our doors. We can’t wait to see who will be next to come visit us. 

We also love communities of friends and families getting to play basketball together. That’s why we have provided times for personal private rentals. We hope these times can be used to connect or reconnect with old friends and to play basketball! 

We know that basketball is a place where many players have found lasting friendships and a strong sense of belonging. We love that the game emphasizes hard work, dedication, and a sense of camaraderie. We hope that Union is a place where players feel welcomed, challenged to become better, and to have fun playing basketball!

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