Our commitment to accessibility means we also believe in total transparency so you can plan ahead. We list our rates here for you to review with no hidden fees in the background.

Bookable services, facilities, and shooting machines are available to the public during business hours!

Open Gym

$7.62/session (plus tax)
Open Gym rate is per 2 hour session.

Open Gym Membership

1 Month: $70 (plus tax)
3 Month: $180 (plus tax)
Gain unlimited access to Open Gym sessions & Fitness Area, discount on Shooting Machine Rental ($15/hr plus tax) and merch discounts.

Organized Drop-in

$9.52/session (plus tax)
Organized Drop-in rate is per 2 hour session.

Non-Prime Time Rental

Half Court : $30/hour (plus tax)
Full Court: $60/hour (plus tax)
Weekdays before 4pm. Minimum 1 hour bookings.

Prime Time Rental

$78/hour (plus tax)
Weekdays after 4pm, weekends and holidays. No half-court bookings and a minimum of 2 hours per booking.

Shooting Machine

$10/hour (plus tax)
Can be rented on top of any private rental. Unavailable during drop-in or open-gym sessions.

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Drop-In Games

Casual drop-in times, every day of the week.

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