Union League

October 18, 2023

How it all began

When Union League began in 2016, we recognized the need to create a space for players who weren’t collegiate or pro level but wanted to compete in a more organized game with refs and stats.  We will forever be grateful to the teams that took a chance on us signing up for our first season and to our staff team who believed in our vision for community and growth.  The first season was indeed that, full of exciting competition, forming connections and growing as individual players and as teams.

What began as 8 teams in one division at one community center quickly expanded to 16 teams in two divisions (Swish and Slam) at two community centers with a solid waiting list, purely by word of mouth.  The demand for Union League was clear.  Sunday nights became a highlight in our week, and we enjoyed replaying the action when game recap videos dropped on Tuesdays.

As one of the first basketball leagues in Vancouver to offer referees, player stats and video highlights of every game, Union League continued thriving for seven seasons until just before the Covid-19 pandemic hit.


Union Basketball opened in August 2021 and we couldn’t wait to bring our Union League family into this beautiful new facility.  Since moving into our new home, we are proud to have had three more seasons of our men’s divisions and even our first coed division this past summer!

Ten seasons in, our commitment to community and growth is steadfast.  Our referees are essential as they allow players to focus on playing instead of worrying about a fair game.  We thank them for their dedication to the integrity of the game we love so that it can be enjoyed at all levels.  Our scorekeeping and stats team give players an insight into their performance each game so that they can celebrate their strengths and recognize areas for improvement.  Our video highlights team capture all the memorable moments and allow us to relive all the amazing plays. Together, they create a safe and competitive environment for our teams to thrive in.

Looking ahead

Our next seasons of Slam and Swish men’s divisions begin this month.  Subscribe to our Youtube channel for weekly game highlights.  

We had a lot of fun with our first coed division this past summer and we’re already planning the next coed season!

Email info@unionbasketball.ca if you’d like to sign up a team or have any questions about Union League.  Hope to see you on the courts!

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